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2016-02-06b Doug Deming
2016-02-06a The Veldman Brothers
2015-11-14c Sean Carney & Jonn Richardson
2015-11-14b Nico Duportal and His Rhythm Dudes
2015-11-14a Philippe Menard
2015-03-14b John Nemeth
2015-03-14a Awek
2014-11-15b Franck Goldwasser
2014-11-15a Carl Wyatt
2014-10-04b Bex Marshall
2014-10-04a Chess Revival
2014-04-12b Albert Castiglia
2014-04-12a Dave Chavez Band
2013-11-16b Mac Arnold
2013-11-16a Cotton Bellys
2013-04-06b Egidio Juke Ingala and the Jacknives
2013-04-06a Anke Angel
2013-02-09b Danny Bryant
2013-02-09a Chapell Hill
2012-11-17b The Hexmen
2012-11-17a Jersey Julie Band
2012-04-14b Big Pete Pearson and the Gamblers
2012-04-14a Blackberry and Mr Boo-Hoo
2012-02-04b Kyla Brox Band
2012-02-04a Bluesdealers Deluxe
2011-11-19c Memo Gonzalez
2011-11-19b Shawn Pittman
2011-11-19a Rusty Roots
2011-10-08b Pat Cohen
2011-10-08a Zakiya Hooker
2011-04-02b Connie Lush
2011-04-02a Vecchi e Brutti
2011-02-05b Cee Cee James
2011-02-05a Lightnin Guy
2010-11-13b Nine Below Zero
2010-11-13a Blues Power Band
2010-10-02b Paul Lamb
2010-10-02a Nico Backton
2010-04-03b Monster Mike Welch
2010-04-03a Awek
2010-02-06b The Juke Joints
2010-02-06a Reverend Rusty
2009-11-14b Eddie C Campbell
2009-11-14a Jimson Weed
2009-10-10b The Twisters
2009-10-10a Carl Wyatt
2009-04-18b Tre, Lady Kat and the Blues Knight
2009-04-18a The John Henry Orchestra
2009-02-07b Carvin Jones
2009-02-07a Howlin Bill
2008-11-15b Sean Carney Band
2008-11-15a Jack Bon
2008-10-11b Big Dez
2008-10-11a Roland Tchakounte
2008-04-05b Boo Boo Davis
2008-04-05a Fried Bourbon and Gene Taylor
2008-02-02b Blues Caravan
2008-02-02a Philippe Ménard
2008-02-02a Philippe Menard
2007-11-17c Fred Chapellier and Nina Van Horn
2007-11-17b Blues Power Band
2007-11-17a Charlie Fabert Blues Band
2007-10-13b Danny Bryant
2007-10-13a Jeff Zima
2007-04-07b Donald Ray Johnson
2007-04-07a The Twisters
2007-02-03b Janice Harrington
2007-02-03a Nico Wayne Toussaint
2006-11-18b Nick Moss
2006-11-18a Stinky Lou et The Goon Mat
2006-10-14b John Primer
2006-10-14a Nina Van Horn
2006-04-08b Big George Jackson
2006-04-08a Big Dez
2006-02-04b Doug Jay et The Blues Jays
2006-02-04a Awek
2005-11-05b Lynwood Slim
2005-11-05a The Cash Box Kings
2005-10-01b Eugene Hideaway Bridges
2005-10-01a Ze Blue Tone
2005-04-02bMaurice John Vaughn
2005-04-02a Paint it Blue
2005-02-05b Byther Smith
2005-02-05a Mercy
2004-11-06b Sharrie Williams
2004-11-06a Rag Mama Rag
2004-10-02b Arthur Neilson
2004-10-02a The Cultivators
2004-04-03c Roscoe Chenier
2004-04-03b Rosebud Blues Sauce
2004-04-03a Back to the Roots
2004-02-14b Mike Andersen
2004-02-14a The Excellos
2003-11-15b Zora Young
2003-11-15a Brown Sugar
2003-10-04b JW Jones Blues Band
2003-10-04a The Bloosers
2003-04-05c Memo Gonzalez
2003-04-05b The Hoodoomen
2003-04-05a The Moonshine Playboys
2003-02-15b BB and the Blues Shacks
2003-02-15a The Winklepickers
2002-10-12b Boogie Workers
2002-10-12a Awek
2002-04-06b Byther Smith
2002-04-06a Mudzilla
2002-02-09b Two Timers
2002-02-09a Blues-o-Matics
2001-11-17b Shawn Pittman
2001-11-17a Theresa Malenfant
2001-10-20b Last Call
2001-10-20a Sophie Kay and Little Victor
2001-04-14c Howard and the White Boys
2001-04-14b The Marvellous Pig Noise
2001-04-14a Philippe Menard
2000-11-18b Lightnin Willie
2000-11-18a Franck Ash
2000-10-21b Erskine Ogelsby Band
2000-10-21a Swampini
2000-04-15b Bille Thomas Blues Band
2000-04-15a Mercy
2000-02-05b Double Dose
2000-02-05a Thierry Hau and the Hoodoomen
1999-11-20b Double Stone Weashed
1999-11-20a Bo Weavil
1999-10-16b Miguel M
1999-10-16a Blues-o-matics
1998-11-14b Hideaway
1998-11-14a The Regulators
1998-10-10b Red Rooster
1998-10-10a Don Croissant
1998-05-16b Paul Orta
1998-05-16a Glory Hogs
1998-04-11b The Blues Fellows
1998-04-11a Thierry Anquetil
1998-03-14b Smokey Wilson
1998-03-14a Los Nullos
1998-02-07b Van Wilks
1998-02-07a Swampini
1997-12-06b Give Buzze
1997-12-06a Joey Boogie Woogie Band
1997-11-08b Bryan Lee
1997-11-08a Good Time Rollers
1997-10-11b Canned Heat
1997-10-11a Mississipi John Song
1997-09-13b Denny Newman
1997-09-13a Maxwell Street
1997-05-10b Zoran
1997-05-10a Double Dose
1997-04-12b Omar and the Howlers
1997-04-12a The Blues Fellows
1997-03-08a Fred and the Healers
1997-02-08b Percy Strother
1997-02-01b Ides of May
1997-02-01a Shabrack
1996-12-14b Louisiana Red
1996-12-14a Alcootest Blues Band
1996-11-16b The Juke Joints
1996-11-16a Philippe Menard
1996-10-10b Stepehn Barry Band
1996-10-10a Bob Christopher Band
1996-09-21b Gerry Joe Veisse
1996-09-21a The Nightcrowd
1996-06-15b Marty Hall
1996-06-15a The Blues Rats
1996-05-04b Dr Feelgood
1996-05-04a Ruthless 3
1996-04-06b Hideaway
1996-04-06a Chilly Willy
1996-02-03b El Fish
1996-02-03a The blues company
1995-12-16b Petter Nathanson
1995-12-16a The Blacksliders
1995-11-04b Red Rooster
1995-11-04a Philippe Menard
1995-10-07b Denny Newman
1995-10-07a The Astatics
1995-06-10b Mark Marshall
1995-06-10a Eddons corner
1995-05-06b Ruthless 3
1995-05-06a Blues Airlines
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